No Whites Allowed: California College Swim Party Attempts to “Build Community” by Not Inviting White Students

Scripps College, located in Claremont, CA., has approved a swimming party that will disallow white students to attend. The whole purpose of the event is to help “build community” among minorities attending the college.

The organizers are hosting the pool party on campus at the Sallie Tiernan Field House and only “people who identify as “POC” are welcomed. What is POC, you ask? It stands for “persons of color.”


According to a Facebook post for the event, a student group called “Café Con Leche” will be hosting it. They group describes themselves as “the badass Latinx at Scripps.”

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“Bring your chanclas and the homies over to our nice ass resort pool, LET’S TAKE UP SPACE,” the announcement declares, adding its “a safe space for…students that identify as POC to come together and build community.”

It continues to state students should advise organizers of who should be BANNED from the event and to use “an anonymous Google form to notify us of people we should keep out!” Despite the obvious notion this is segregation, one student representing the even told the Claremont Independent, “Most POCs at any of the Claremont Colleges (which are historically PWIs (Predominantly White Institutions)) interact and enjoy interacting with people of all races (obviously including white people), but sometimes it’s nice to have a time to be with people who identify in the same or similar way that you do,” the student exclaimed.

Luckily the newspaper reporter covering the event has some commonsense and noted this ban on white students is in clear violation of federal law.

“Even if the event is in accordance with Scripps College policy, it may run afoul of federal law. Because Scripps College receives federal assistance, it is bound by Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964,” the student news site wrote.


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