North Carolina group exposes illegal voting practices

votersThe North Carolina State Board of Elections intends to prosecute five suspects who allegedly voted in both Florida and North Carolina during the November 2012 election cycle, according the leader from the Voter Integrity Project of North Carolina in an interview with Fox News Channel’s Eric Shawn on Sunday morning.

Lt. Col. Jay DeLancy (U.S. Air Force-Ret.) noted that his group investigated and identified the voters to both states’ election offices earlier last month.

“Thanks to the relatively accessible election records in both Florida and North Carolina, this research was possible,” said Col. Jay DeLancy, who serves as executive director of VIP-NC, “but we have every reason to believe this is only the tip of the iceberg.”

The group thoroughly examined Florida’s election records to identify November 2012 voters who listed an alternate address in North Carolina and then compared that list with the N.C. voter history files. They found over 300 who appeared to be registered in both states and 33 who appeared to have voted in both state’s elections, which is a felony, DeLancy told FNC’s Shawn.

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“We turned our list of 33 suspects over to both the Florida Secretary of State’s office and the North Carolina Board of Elections office and asked them to investigate,” said Delancy. “Don Wright, the chief counsel for N.C. State Board of Elections gave us the news that five of our suspects had matching signatures in both states and that his office would refer them [to the state’s attorney general] for prosecution.”

Under N.C. law, the State Board of Elections can prosecute election finance crimes but…



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