NORTH KOREA: Restarts Their Plutonium Reactor, Could Have Stockpiles Within Weeks

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 10.42.32 AMLooks like Kim Jong Un is getting serious about his threats. Question is, what is Obama going to do about it; write him an angry letter in cursive?

North Korea has expanded a uranium enrichment facility and restarted a reactor that could see it stockpiling plutonium within weeks, a U.S. intelligence chief has warned.

It comes after Pyongyang announced in 2013 its intention to refurbish and restart its nuclear facilities which it had shut down in 2007.

The development marks the pariah nation as one of the main threats facing the U.S. this year, James Clapper, the director of National Intelligence, claimed.

In an annual assessment by intelligence agencies of the top dangers facing the country, he warned the Senate Armed Services Committee that Kim Jong Un had followed through on his threat.

He said: ‘We assess that North Korea has followed through on its announcement by expanding its Yongbyon enrichment facility and restarting the plutonium production reactor.

‘We further assess that North Korea has been operating the reactor long enough so that it could begin to recover plutonium from the reactor’s spent fuel within a matter of weeks to months.’

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