North Korea’s ‘Nuclear’ General Gets in Striking Position, Tells Troops to ‘Wait for My Order’

As ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis is to President Trump, so is General Kim Rak-gyom to North Korea’s President (more like dictator) Kim Jong-un.

The general can be viewed in photos smiling and joking, shadowing the rogue nation’s leader. But don’t let his jovial behavior fool you. The dude has a happy trigger finger, one that accesses nuclear missiles.

As head of North Korea’s rocket command, he is believed to have his finger on the proverbial button, with as many as 60 suspected nuclear warheads at his disposal.

Hours before Kim Jong-un announced he was looking into the logistics of striking the remote Pacific island, host to thousands of US servicemen and submarines, Donald Trump vowed ‘fire and fury’ if he threatened his country.

General Kim Rak-gyom went one further by branding Trump’s remarks ‘a load of nonsense’ – and the US president ‘senile’.

‘Sound dialogue is not possible with such a guy bereft of reason,’ he continued; while claiming the Guam plan would be ready mid-August.

According to the general, North Korea is planning to deploy 4 missiles at the same time, taking exactly 17 minutes and 45 seconds to travel 2,086 miles before dropping 24 miles from Guam — which borders US territorial waters.

If we are to believe his threats, he plans to target a US military base in Guam, approximately 2100 miles if launched from the Korean Peninsula.

Little is known about the mysterious officer, who today went toe-to-toe with Trump in one of the most striking escalation between the two nations.

In fact news outlets, including those in neighbouring South Korea, cannot even seem to agree on which one of Kim Jong-un’s entourage he actually is.

We do know Kim Rak-gyom was promoted from two to four-star general in June 2012, around six months after Kim Jong-un ascended to power.

He was appointed commander of North Korea’s newly created Strategic Rocket Force Command, the first sign that Kim Jong-un wanted to accelerate the country’s missile program.

It put rocket development on par with the army and air force and gave Kim Rak-gyom a direct line to the president, the Australian reported.

‘When one is firmly equipped with the capability to make precision strikes with nuclear weapons… no aggressor can dare to attack recklessly,’ the North Korean leader said at the time.

So what are we to expect from this ‘nuclear’ general? Are these threats real or are they bluffing?


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