NOTHIN’ BUT A THUG: Disturbing Video Reveals RAVENS Star Dragging his Fiance Out of an Elevator After He Punched Her Lights Out [VIDEO]

Major developments in the Ray Rice investigation are unfolding. Prosecutors are now reviewing the case, including the explosive video.

Mike Hellgren has more on the shocking images.

For Ray Rice’s fiancée, the summons says she struck him with her hand. For Rice, it says that he struck her so hard, it rendered her unconscious.

Prosecutors have canceled Rice’s court appearance next week while they review the evidence.

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The TMZ Sports video reportedly shows Ravens running back Ray Rice carrying his fiancée Janay Palmer out of the elevator. She appears unconscious, sprawled on the floor.

It’s one minute long and comes from the Revel Casino in Atlantic City Saturday morning.

It shows Rice grabbing her as she appears to get up.

The video does not show the actual fight, but WJZobtained the summons, stating: “Rice struck her with his hand, rendering her unconscious.”

WJZ showed the video to law professor Byron Warnken, who says, if that’s true, it could be classified as a felony here in Maryland.

“He appears to be dragging an unconscious body out of the elevator. To me, that seems worse than things that we heard when it first started coming out,” Warnken said.

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