‘Nothing But Respect for MY President’: Chick Triggers Liberals When She Kneels Down at Trump Star, Proceeds to Clean it

You’ve seen it before. Plenty of liberals have gone to Trump’s Hollywood star and vandalized it.

From spray painting swastikas, to simply crossing his name out, to much worse, the president’s star has been a target for their hate.

Imagine their shock and awe when one chick grabbed a wet-wipe and started CLEANING the graffiti hate off his star.

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Makenna Greenwald, from Wyoming, was the young woman who decided to clean the profanity off the star.

After she was done the star looked almost good-as-new.

Proud of her work, she took photos and published them on twitter.

She tweeted: “Stopped to clean @realDonaldTrump Hollywood Star. Nothing but respect for MY President. #RaisedRight.”

Of course this act of respect couldn’t go unnoticed by the liberals who approve of the hate-speech graffiti on POTUS’s star.

All the snowflakes whom caught wind of this piled on Makenna.



So many salty tears.

But wait!

It gets better.





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