Notre Dame Students Celebrate Graduation By Doing This To VP Pence, Their Parents Must Be So Proud…

It is tradition to show respect for your graduation speakers even if you do not like them. Many students have in the past and many more will do so in the future.

Yet, some Notre Dame students chose to start off their lives as college graduates by acting very childish. The group of students walked out while Vice President Mike Pence was giving his speech during the commencement ceremony.

According to footage captured by WNDU, a large group of students chose to stand up and leave the stadium where their commencement was being held when Pence was introduced.

Students expressed plans to stage the walkout with the hashtag, “#WalkoutND.”

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The Daily Caller

What disrespect! Not only is this disrespectful for the Vice President, it is also disrespectful to the faculty, families in attendance, and their fellow students. This is a huge day for all those involved. Why would anyone ruin it with a walk out like this?

Notre Dame had already broken their longstanding tradition of inviting the president to deliver the commencement address during his first year in office. This was most likely to avoid any potential controversy that could arise. They instead invited Pence, but their precautions didn’t seem to matter.

While there were other students who were also not happy with Pence, one attendee reported that members of the crowd boo’ed the students who walked out.

Still, the VP did receive some support during his visit.


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