NOW SHE GETS IT: Loretta Lynch, Maybe I Shouldn’t Have Had That Tarmac Meeting With Bill…

Loretta said that she regrets having a conversation with Bill Clinton while Hillary was under investigation. She said that she wants people to see that the Department sees everyone with equal eyes…

Yeah, we aren’t buying this. Loretta is in hot water with Podesta (and probably the Clintons) right now, so is she trying to seem like the innocent one now? Sure seems that way.

Remember, if not for the tarmac meeting, it would have fallen to Lynch to make the final decision on whether to prosecute Clinton. Because the meeting happened, though, she quasi-recused herself by promising publicly to accept whatever the FBI recommended in terms of charges. That pushed the spotlight off of Lynch and on to Comey. If not for that, maybe Comey wouldn’t have felt the need to deliver that unusual public statement in July explaining that, while he wouldn’t recommend charges, Clinton and her staff had been “extremely careless” in handling classified information. Hillary’s polling swooned in the aftermath, reinforcing public suspicions that she really was crooked. Imagine an alternate scenario in which Lynch, not Comey, had to make the final decision for the DOJ and announce it publicly. Would Lynch have delved into the same damning amount of detail Comey did in explaining what Clinton did or would she have issued a terse, pro forma statement about there being insufficient evidence? Would that have ended up damaging Clinton worse because it was Lynch, a Democratic political appointee, handing her a “get out of a jail free” card rather than Comey? Or would it have mitigated the damage to Hillary by sparing the public from the stuff about extreme carelessness? Your answer depends on which part of Emailgate you believe hurt Clinton more, the fact that she exhibited something akin to gross negligence by setting up her private server or the fact that she paid no price for it due to her elite political privilege.

There’s a follow-up question. If Lynch rather than Comey had made the announcement in July about not prosecuting Clinton, would Comey have felt the same need in late October to issue a letter announcing that the investigation had been reopened because of material found on Anthony Weiner’s computer? Comey may have felt obliged to update Congress immediately on the Weiner stuff because he, not Lynch, was the public face of the investigation.

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