The Nuclear Option: Dems Nuke 225 years of Political Rules

nuclear_610x395The Nuclear Option. The Democratic party has managed to nuke 225 years of American political rules. Historically, the minority party has had the right to filibuster in order to keep people from being appointed to positions or to keep laws from being passed or even just to draw attention to an issue. It’s one way to have some sort of power as the minority.

I also believe the rules were actually set up by our wise founders to KEEP government from getting work done, rather than make it too easy for them to get things done and screwing our lives up even more and even faster. The rules that were set in place slowed things down so there had to be more thought and more discussion to them, to stop the majority from simply becoming a dictatorship.

To end a filibuster, the majority party had to get 60% of their party to agree to stop a filibuster. But now, Harry Reid had all his cronies vote to get rid of the filibuster and of course they obediently did as they were told and voted to be able to stop filibusters with their own power of majority. This is the so-called “Nuclear Option.”

The filibuster has been used by both parties in the past. According to the U.S. Senate’s own web page:

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“In 1841, when the Democratic minority hoped to block a bank bill promoted by Kentucky Senator Henry Clay,he threatened to change Senate rules to allow the majority to close debate. Missouri Senator Thomas Hart Benton rebuked Clay for trying to stifle the Senate’s right to unlimited debate.”

Strom Thurmond, WHILE HE WAS A DEMOCRAT (he later changed to the Republican party), filibustered AGAINST the Civil Rights Bill of 1957. (Funny how that’s on the Senate website when they spend all their time spouting that it has always been Republicans who are racist…)

No one trusts politicians. We don’t trust anything they say, on either side of the aisle. We know they will blur the lines or blame someone else or make excuses. We thought it was ridiculous enough with the obvious lies about Benghazi, the IRS, Fast and Furious, and the latest Obamacare B.S. And both parties have threatened to pass the nuclear option, but it was just threats.

But now, by actually doing it, the Democratic Party has shown that they are willing to do anything, to cheat AT ALL COSTS, in order to win their way. I have always had a personal philosophy that it’s not a win if you have to cheat to get it, so this really disgusting. And seriously, only THREE Democrats thought that this was wrong?! I believe it’s only because they are scared for their jobs, not because they care at all about whether it is ethical or not.

So why did the Democrats do this? Aren’t they worried about “losing the Independents”? Aren’t they worried about how this will be perceived? Aren’t they worried what will happen if Republicans take back the Senate next year?

My first thought was that the Democrats will whine about how all those awful Republicans are not being fair because many are saying that if they take back the Senate, they’ll change the rules back and not do the same thing.

They will count on guilt-tripping the spineless Republicans that just want everyone to like them. Then I thought about how politicians have a bad habit of being short-sighted and only seeing how it can help them right now, they don’t think ahead – unless, that is, the Democrats have a long-range plan. A year is a long time in the political world, a lot of damage can be done. What if this is just one more step in the plan, one that involves a hell of a lot more lying and cheating – enough to guarantee the Democrats don’t have to be the least bit worried about next year…?


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