NY County DA Makes Ludicrous Claim That National Reciprocity Will Help ISIS

New York is like California in many ways. They have kooky ideas with kooky people in both places…and they both love gun control.

A New York County District Attorney just made that very clear in a ridiculous claim.

Cy Vance suggested the efforts Republicans have made to pass national reciprocity for concealed permit holders would actually help ISIS.

Speaking about Rep. Richard Hudson’s (R-NC) national reciprocity legislation–HR 38–Vance said, “this bill is supported, I’m sure, by ISIS.”

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Vance said these things during an interview on AM 970 and the The Hill quoted Vance, saying, “It would be completely legal for a person to bring a loaded gun or guns in New York as long as it was legal to possess them in the person’s home state. A guy from Idaho, where there’s no permitting requirement whatsoever, could carry his gun into New York city loaded, into Times Square.”

He said that Congressional members supporting national reciprocity are “playing into the hand” of the Islamic State, and he pointed to the “ease” of buying guns in certain states in an attempt to bolster his point. For this reason he said, “ISIS is paying close attention to this [national reciprocity] bill as well.”


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Now, national reciprocity is not about purchasing guns, it’s about mandating that all states recognize the rights of law-abiding citizens to carry guns for self-defense.

We doubt any ISIS terrorists would go through the steps to obtain a concealed carry permit. So it won’t really help them.

Need proof of that? Take a look at San Bernardino (December 2, 2015). Or maybe Orlando (June 12, 2016). Both used guns, conceal carry permits weren’t anyone’s concern then.

With national reciprocity, the good guys with guns will be able to carry as the law allows them. And they may even be able to stop future terrorist attacks from happening.

But that doesn’t matter to the gun control loving population.

Vance went on to describe Michael Bloomberg-funded Everytown for Gun Safety as a “think tank” and praised it for showing the dangers of national reciprocity. For showing the dangers of allowing law-abiding citizens to carry.

The only danger that comes from that is a person who would normally be armed, finding themselves in the middle of a terror attack, defenseless.


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