NY TIMES HITS AT DONALD: On ‘Women Relations’ Over the Years, Trump Responds in BRUTAL Rant

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 10.00.34 AMLike we’ve said before, if you’re going to attack Trump be sure it’s a knockout because he comes back swinging. Check this out.

Donald Trump went on a Twitter storm Sunday morning, firing back at the “failing” New York Times for its in-depth look at the presumptive Republican presidential nominee and his relationships with women over the years.

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He further accused the Times reporters of refusing to interview women he had helped professionally.

Trump also retweeted a score of messages from women pledging their allegiance to his candidacy:

The “hit piece” from the Times dove deep into some of Trump’s past troubling interactions with women in the workplace and at home, interviewing several Trump Organization female executives, contestants from the pageants Trump ran, and models he had dated. The paper’s story included testimony about Trump holding women in high esteem professionally while simultaneously doling out demeaning comments about their physical appearance.

One anecdote discussed how Trump kissed women directly on the mouth upon first meeting them at Miss USA pageants, making some competitors feel uncomfortable. Trump denied that allegation to the New York Times.


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