Obama is a coward and a liar. Can’t wait for him to leave office.

US President Barack Obama’s administration refused to hold the Palestinian Arabs accountable for the recent wave of lethal Arab terrorism plaguing Israel, with a spokesman insinuating that both sides are equally guilty of “incitement.”

In a press briefing on Tuesday in the wake of two lethal Jerusalem terror attacks that left three murdered, State Department spokesperson Mark Toner was put in the spot by Associated Press reporter Matt Lee.

Lee asked whether the fact that the White House issued a statement, which called on both Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas to end the “incitement,” meant that Obama is accusing Netanyahu equally of inciting violence.

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Toner tried to equivocate, saying that while the White House condemns the terror attacks: “we’ve seen also attacks on Palestinians…we need to reduce these kinds of incitements.”

Lee pressed Toner, noting that if that message is being given to both sides, that would seem to indicate the US administration sees both sides at fault.

“Both sides need to decrease the tension,” said Toner, to which Lee asked what it is that the administration isn’t satisfied with the Israeli government about as far as combating incitement is concerned.

“If the secretary is calling up both Abbas and Netanyahu and has the same message for both of them, it would suggest that you think that both of them need to do more to that,” reasoned Lee. “I’m just trying to figure out what is it you would want the Israelis to do more in condemning the violence.”

Temple Mount curve ball

“For one thing, upholding – for one thing, as I said upholding the status quo in Haram al-Sharif (the ‘Noble Sanctuary’ – ed.) and Temple Mount,” Toner said.

“But has there been suggestion that the status quo is going to be changed?” Lee responded. Toner ignored the comment.

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