Obama and His Admin are Busting Their Butts to DELEGITIMIZE Trump’s Election

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange points out the obvious reason Obama has focused on Russia’s “role” in the Democratic hacks. And you can probably guess it by now.

How many times has Assange come forward saying the Russians weren’t involved? We’ve lost count.

“They’re trying to delegitimize the Trump administration as it goes into the White House,” Assange said during an interview with Fox News’s Sean Hannity airing Tuesday night, according to a transcript of excerpts from the network.

“They are trying to say that President-elect Trump is not a legitimate president.

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“Our publications had wide uptake by the American people. They’re all true. But that’s not the allegation that’s being presented by the Obama White House.

“Our source is not a state party, so the answer for our interactions is no.”

When asked if he believed Wikileaks changed the outcome of the election, Assange had this to say:

“Did [WikiLeaks] change the outcome of the election? Who knows, it’s impossible to tell.

“But if it did, the accusation is that the true statements of Hillary Clinton and her campaign manager, John Podesta, and the DNC head Debbie Wasserman Schultz, their true statements is what changed the election.” 


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