Obama Administration Wants You Deaf, Dumb and Blind

deafdumbeblindWith all the Obama Administration scandals that broke last week, it makes my head feel like exploding just trying to figure out where to start. So I’ll start from a previous article, where I asked when the tax code became a way to force social change.

Now I have to ask, when did the tax enforcement agency become a bouncer for the Obama Administration to harass Americans to shut them up or push them underground?

The recent revelations that the IRS admits to targeting conservative groups is simply one more example of this government out of control. Of course, the upper level administrators are saying they didn’t know about it. You know, it was just those low-level, unintelligent front-line, rogue workers. Just one problem; I have been a government worker since 1979.

In my agency we have this thing called “communication”. We meet consistently with our supervisors and discuss what is going on. If there is anything at all that might be considered controversial or that we think someone might even consider being concerned about, we share it.

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That supervisor then shares it on up the line until it reaches the top. They know what is going on. Ordering it, blessing it, or turning a blind eye to it – none of these are acceptable traits of an administrator – or president.

If I do something wrong on my job, there will be a complaint to my boss and if the person is not satisfied, it keeps going up the chain until it reaches the top, or the person achieves some sort of satisfaction. Complaints of IRS targeting HAD to go up and up the chain. Obama can’t keep claiming he doesn’t know about anything.

He is either a completely incompetent leader who can’t control his own administration, refuses to care what happens in his administration or he is a LIAR. Yes, there is that word – LIAR. No one seems to want to say it about him.

It’s acceptable for him to disrespect us and say it about us (“the gun lobby and its allies willfully lied”), but we are supposed to respect him and not say it. Too bad. While the office of the presidency is respected, the person occupying the position has to earn the respect of the people.

Barack Obama lost my respect when he stated, “I don’t have all the facts, but the police acted stupidly” in response to questions about the Louis Gates (beer summit) issue. For someone in his position to state an opinion admittedly without knowing the whole story was monumentally ignorant. That was my first clue that facts aren’t important to him, only his narcissistic opinions matter.

Rush Limbaugh always says that liberals will tell you who they are afraid of. They are obviously afraid of the Tea Party if they had to target it so heavily. Why would they be afraid? Because people were listening to the message, the Tea Party made sense and Democrats can’t have that.

The fact the IRS went after people who wanted to educate about the constitution is even more concerning. Now why would that scare them? Because people will finally understand how absolutely corrupt the Obama administration is.

This administration wants to keep people uneducated and in the dark so they have free reign. Silencing the messenger was the goal of the harassment.

So let’s bring this whole thing back around to gun owners. Obamacare. Obama made sure to sign an executive order saying doctors can ask patients whether they own guns or not. Let’s say a good doctor who believes in the 2nd amendment doesn’t think that’s any of the government’s business.

Let’s say he refuses to comply. Would the IRS target him until he says he asks about guns? If he says none of his patients report they have guns (to protect the patient’s rights) would the IRS then target him and harass him out of business? How about if a doctor does actually report that patients have guns? Will the IRS then demand the specific information about each patient and then target them for harassment?

Remember that Toomey-Manchin bill that the Democrats said specifically prevented a national gun registry, yet it actually only said the Attorney General couldn’t keep a national gun registry? By asking doctors about their patients and their guns, the IRS can create a gun registry that was not specifically prohibited by the law.

But nah, that would never happen, we gun owners are just paranoid. The IRS is above that; they would never let politics affect the non-partisan professionalism of their jobs – would they?


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