snookiobama-741882959090746802Remember when war was a bad thing? Remember when the “doves” lined the streets in protest against foreign entanglements that would put our troops in danger? I do.

I was there in 2003, when a “million” protesters lined the streets of London in opposition to war with Saddam Hussein’s Iraq.

I wasn’t chanting. I wasn’t waving banners. If anything, I was sceptical of the anti-war movement I saw that day and I still am. Trotskyites and libertarians marching side by side. What really bemused me was seeing a small crowd of LGBT rights activists plodding alongside a troupe of Islamists, as if they latter wouldn’t slay the former without further thought if the situation were slightly different.

Nonetheless, I remember when war was bad.

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Now, if you’re a dove—at least, that is to say “pro-peace” in your own mind, I’m sure—the march to war is your effective end goal. I see no other way in which a person can genuinely rationalise the recent nuclear “deal” with Iran, unless your aim is to hasten a military confrontation. Make no mistake about it, on this issue, the hawks, or the “pro-sanctions lobby,” were desperately trying to avoid such a thing. The appeasers have heralded a new age of terrifying confrontations, the likes of which haven’t been seen since the height of the Cold War.

In Britain, the public conversation has been almost completely non-existent on the matter, leaving Barack Obama, possibly the least competent politician and strategist in the Western world, to drive forward with his wrong-headed agenda. I’m not saying Obama is “pro-Iran” or “pro-Muslim” or anything like that, but his actions speak to the fact that the man couldn’t win a game of chess against a member of the cast of Jersey Shore.

Iran, to all extents, has been playing like former Russian champion turned human rights activist Garry Kasparov, who recently wrote that Obama wasn’t even in the game: he has already forfeited.

It may be true, but with regards to Britain’s involvement, all you need to know is summed up in a picture. The European Union has subsumed British foreign policy, and …

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