OBAMA DOES THE UNTHINKABLE TO OUR MILITARY: While Everyone Was Watching Hillary’s Benghazi Probe

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 8.58.48 AMHow exactly are we supposed to have a STRONG military if our president does this to them?

While everyone was enthralled by the Hillary Clinton performance before the Benghazi special committee, there was something happening in Washington D.C. that will have reverberations across the world.

Just when you think President Barack Obama couldn’t surprise you anymore, well, Little Lord Fauntleroy, pulls another doozy. Once upon a time the primary title of the president was commander-in-chief, but it now appears it has been replaced by spoiled brat. And yes, I sincerely mean that based on the actions of Obama Thursday.

As reported by Fox News, “President Obama vetoed a sweeping $612 billion defense policy bill Wednesday in a rebuke to congressional Republicans, and insisted they send him a better version that doesn’t tie his hands on some of his top priorities.

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In an unusual veto ceremony, Obama praised the bill for ensuring the military stays funded and making improvements on military retirement and cybersecurity. Yet he pointedly accused Republicans of resorting to “gimmicks” and prohibiting other changes needed to address modern security threats.

“Unfortunately, it falls woefully short,” Obama said. “I’m going to be sending it back to Congress, and my message to them is very simple: Let’s do this right.”

The rare presidential veto marked the latest wrinkle in the ongoing fight between Obama and Republicans who control Congress over whether to increase federal spending — and how. Four years after Congress passed and Obama signed into law strict, across-the-board spending limits, both parties are eager to bust through the caps for defense spending. But Obama has insisted that spending on domestic programs be raised at the same time, setting off a budget clash with Republicans that has yet to be resolved.”

Let me be very clear, I know there are places where the Pentagon budget could be cut, but it is not our troops. Cut the defense bureaucracy. However, the $612 billion matches exactly what Obama sent to Capitol Hill as his budget requests. It appears Barack Obama doesn’t comprehend that the U.S. Constitution states “provide for the common defense” as opposed to “promote the general welfare.”

Seems that Obama wants to “provide general welfare” and is throwing a temper tantrum while playing with the national security of our U.S. military. What does his veto mean? It means our U.S. military has no authorizing document to send to the House and Senate appropriations committees for Fiscal Year 2016 funding.

Imagine this, with everything happening in the world, Barack Obama is holding our military hostage to his desire to expand the welfare state – that’s what this is all about. President Obama has his priorities severely confused at a time when the man he said had to go, Bashar Assad, was in Russia meeting with Vladimir Putin. And we continue to hear how Russia’s economy is failing — well, explain to us Mr. President how Putin can afford to deploy forces from Russia into Syria?

We hear about obstructionism, but perhaps President Obama needs to understand what bipartisanship means. A statement from the House Armed Services Committee said, “Before vetoing the bill, President Obama said he would send the bill back to Congress, asking “Let’s do this right.” Mr. President, the NDAA passed the House by a vote of 270-156 and the Senate passed it by 70-27. A wide bipartisan majority in Congress knows that this bill already “does it right.”

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