Obama: Expectation Versus Reality

Against all logic, Obama has preserved his sycophantic cult following he amassed during his 2008 election.

I can see how the bold and audacious rhetoric of a young Candidate Obama would have been appealing to young liberals in 2008. However, Obama’s acts as a President have evaporated the smoke and broken the mirrors of his specious campaign promises.

Obama has gone from damning Bush for his practice of detaining people in Guantanamo Bay in 2008, to filling the clandestine off shore prison to its capacity today.

Where a Candidate Obama cursed over zealous reaches of the NSA, he now defends it as necessary for the security of the nation. Given these irreconcilable differences in policy, we can tell that a 2008 Candidate Obama would not support a 2013 President Obama.

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So there seems to be no reason, save willful ignorance, why any of Obama’s 2008 supporters should still support him today. Obama supporters have by and large failed to modify their conceptions of the President given new evidence.


knock knock

This photo has recently gone viral, and it epitomizes everything that is wrong with the idyllic misconceptions many of the President’s followers have. While to Obama’s unwitting supporters this photo may seem like the personification of his ideology and philosophy, to the informed and rational thinker, this photo is a bitter, ironic reminder of how catchy slogans and colorful logos can win the hearts and minds of people better than ideas and facts.


The Eagle:

While I won’t argue that there isn’t a physical eagle in his hand, Obama’s policies and actions as President are far from the American ideal that the bald eagle in his bloated aging hands represents. Obama has killed four U.S. citizens without due process via drone, tried more Americans under the Espionage Act than all other Presidents combined, and presided over the largest and most abhorrent domestic spy program in history. So, while Obama may be holding a physical symbol of American freedom, were the bird cognizant of its philosophical significance, would undoubtedly claw at his tyrannical captor in disgust and protest.


Women’s Rights:

While I can not think of any obscene hinderances Obama has delivered to the women’s rights movement, I also can not think of any great battles he has fought or won for them. This is the least arguable and offensive of the four misconceptions shown above. However it is fallacious to think that Obama is doing any great justices for women’s rights during his Presidency.

This line in the photo reads more like a bulleted talking point on the White House’s website than anything else, and seems to have made the list, merely because one can’t well argue that Obama is impeding women’s rights.



Living in Colorado, arguably the marijuana capital of the world, people’s perception that Obama is helping the legalization of marijuana is morbidly comical. Marijuana was legalized in Colorado, not because of any divine facilitation from the federal government or the President, but because of Colorado’s unique ability for citizens to put any initiative on the ballot that garners enough signatures. Sadly, not only is Obama not a friend to the legalization of marijuana, he is one of its biggest threats.

For a long time it seemed that Obama was going to nullify Colorado’s unprecedented  new law. While it luckily never came to this, he still remains a very real and eminent threat for people’s rights to smoke. Recently, Obama came out and said marijuana and its users are not a “top priority”. Whereas with gay rights, Obama feigns great interest while doing nothing, when it comes to the legalization of marijuana, he claims apathy, while making extraordinary efforts to squash it. Obama and the DEA have gone to strenuous lengths to overturn the will of the people in Colorado. Obama has done nothing to curb the disastrous war on drugs.


Gay Rights:

It is truly offensive to the gay community that people think Obama is some great champion of gay rights. Obama’s crowning achievement for the gay rights movement was coming out with a tepid and ambiguous endorsement of gay marriage, during campaign season. This uninspired comment came only after Joe Biden had forced the President’s hand by prematurely saying the Administration was in favor of it.

While the statement is hollow, it means worse than nothing. It is a sultry slap in the face to all of the activists who are working tirelessly to achieve marriage equality in America. Whether you be for or against gay marriage, it is clear that by pandering to his base during his reelection campaign with a politically prudent comment, Obama has done little to nothing for gay rights.


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