Is Obama At Fault For Otto Warmbier’s Death? Victim’s Father Sheds Some Light On The Former President

Earlier, rescued North Korean prisoner Otto Warmbier died, age 22, after being in a coma for a year and suffering severe brain damage.

Released American Captive of North Korea is DEAD

Could this have been avoided? From what Otto’s father says…there might have been a chance.


Former President Obama has come under fire following the young man’s death for his perceived inaction to bring the him home.

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Prior to his son’s death, Fred Warmbier said that Obama did not do enough for Otto. In a press conference after learning his son would be freed, he stated:

“When Otto was first taken, we were advised by the past administration to take a low profile while they worked to obtain his release.

“We did so, without result. Earlier this year, Cindy and I decided the time for strategic patience was over, and we made a few media appearances and traveled to Washington to meet with Ambassador Joe Yun at the State Department.” 

As for the Trump administration, Warmbier said he was “extremely grateful for their efforts and concern.” He added that President Trump called him personally to talk about Otto and his condition last Wednesday.

Fred Warmbier isn’t the only one who has criticized Obama. Many showed their dismay with the former president:

What do you think about Obama’s roll in this? Could he have done more? And, if so, does he hold some of the blame for Otto’s death?

One thing is for certain, North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un and the North Korean government is to blame for this young man’s death. No questions there.

Senator John McCain had this to say following the death:

“Let us state the facts plainly. Otto Warmbier, an American citizen, was murdered by the Kim Jong-un regime. In the final year of his life, he lived the nightmare in which the North Korean people have been trapped for 70 years: forced labor, mass starvation, systematic cruelty, torture, and murder.”

We don’t agree with a lot of what the Senator says, but he is spot on here.

Trump was also not one to shy away from criticizing the country:

“Melania and I offer our deepest condolences to the family of Otto Warmbier on his untimely passing…The United States once again condemns the brutality of the North Korean regime as we mourn its latest victim.”


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