Obama: I Should Have Moved to a ‘Non-Legislative Strategy’ in the Fight Against…

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 9.02.45 AMNo he’s not talking about ISIS.

President Obama believes “folks like John McCain” are responsible for the 2009 death of cap-and-trade legislation, a political failure by the White House and Capitol Hill Democrats that has ultimately led to a host a new climate-change regulations from the president’s Environmental Protection Agency.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Mr. Obama said he now believes he should have moved to a “nonlegislative strategy” sooner in the fight against global warming. He hinted that he’d placed too much faith in Congress to address the problem and specifically called out lawmakers who previously had expressed support for a cap-and-trade system but then reversed themselves.

“I think the biggest problem we had was folks like John McCain, who had come out in favor of a cap-and-trade system, getting caught up in a feverish opposition to anything I proposed and reversing themselves — which meant that getting the numbers that we needed was going to be too difficult,” Mr. Obama said, taking aim at the Arizona Republican he defeated in the 2008 presidential election.

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