Obama minions caught spiking Taliban attack statistics

MINIONU.S. military commanders quietly admitted on Tuesday that reports regarding Taliban attacks declining in Afghanistan in 2012 were false and that when the corrected figures are promulgated the report will show an increase in terrorist attacks against the U.S., NATO, and Afghan targets perpetrated primarily by the Taliban, according to the Defense Department. This latest finding coincides with the false reports of al-Qaeda’s decline being heralded by President Barack Obama and his minions including Vice President Joe Biden.

According to the Pentagon, the 2012 report had “clerical” errors that showed about 7 percent fewer terrorist attacks last year when the annual report was released in January 2013.

The Obama White House said that the report will be corrected to show that there was no change in the number of terrorist attacks last year

The 7 percent figure was somehow included in the report and then was posted on the coalition’s web site (It was discovered missing from the web site when Law Enforcement Examiner sought the original report.)

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While no personnel were blamed for the error, there are more than a few military and counterterrorism experts who remain suspicious.



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