OBAMA MISSES PLAYING PRESIDENT: Will Return To The World Stage When Trump Is…

Obama misses playing president (because if we are being honest, that’s all it was to him. A Game.)

And so, just when Trump is making his first overseas tour, Obama decides to leap back onto the world stage.

He will be joining Germany’s Chancellor Merkel at a forum at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.

The event titled “Being Involved in Democracy: Taking on Responsibility Locally and Globally” puts Mr. Obama in the spotlight in Europe at the same time as President Trump, underscoring the dramatic shift in the U.S. in the last four months.

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The forum is sponsored by the Obama Foundation.

The forum in Berlin returns Mr. Obama to the Brandenburg Gate, which has been the site of pivotal speeches throughout history, including President John F. Kennedy declaring “Ich bin ein Berliner” and President Ronald Reagan declaring “Mr Gorbachev, tear down this wall.”

The Washington Times

This isn’t the first-time Obama has spoken (or attempted to speak) at the Brandenburg Gate. He wanted to give a speech there during his presidential run in 2008.

Merkel (of all people) blocked him from doing so because she did not feel it was appropriate to give a campaign speech at the “nonpartisan landmark”.

That didn’t stop Obama, though, and he delivered his speech at the nearby Victoria Column.

Then, when he was president in 2013, he was allowed to speak at the event. He greeted the crowd by saying “Hello, Berlin”. (What, not in German?! Liberals must have been outraged! Or is that only when Trump speaks English?)

During that speech, Obama called for the West to take on more global issues.

This time around, he plans on discussing the importance of young people getting involved in activism to better communities, and ultimately, the world.

So, do you think Obama planned this before or after Trump’s tour was announced? The timing is a bit coincidental…


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