OBAMA THE TYRANT: Uses Executive Overreach to DECIMATE His Latest Target

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 10.01.14 AMYou won’t believe what his latest offense is. Can’t wait for him to get out of the WH!

By Allen West

Back when he was a senator running for president, Barack Obama stated he would bankrupt the American coal industry. As president, he used the regulatory agency order and extended the definition of the Clean Air Act of 1970. The U.S. Supreme Court did grant a request to temporarily block the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan as a lawsuit moves forward. It was the first time the Supreme Court had ever halted federal regulations during a legal challenge. However, it may have truly come too late.

As reported by Fox Business News, “The bankruptcy of Peabody Energy (BTU), the world’s largest private coal producer, puts an exclamation point on the industry’s struggles and their ripple effect.

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Like its fellow coal miners, Peabody has been hit by cheap natural gas and costly new regulations. Peabody, whose $2 billion loss in 2015 marked the fourth straight year of red ink for the company, warned last month that bankruptcy might be on the horizon. The move was made official Wednesday, as Peabody filed for Chapter 11 protection for most of its U.S. entities.

Peabody is one of many mining firms that have sought bankruptcy. Patriot Coal, which Peabody spun off in 2007, went bankrupt in May 2015, just 18 months after emerging from its prior bankruptcy. Alpha Natural Resources, Arch Coal and Walter Energy also entered bankruptcy within the last year. According to Peabody, about 50 coal companies have gone bankrupt amid coal’s decline. Peabody said it was taking this action during an “unprecedented industry downturn,” according to a letter to customers that was posted on Peabody’s website.”

I just have to ask, what American president would make it a goal to destroy an entire American industry? The answer: one whose ideological agenda is more important than American jobs, families, and way of life. Could it have been possible to work with the coal industry to advance better technologies? Instead, how many Americans have been purposefully driven into government dependency in order to care for their families because of their lost jobs?

As well, what will happen to those low income families who relied on cheaper energy prices because of coal? America is the Saudi Arabia of coal and why shouldn’t we encourage that energy sector as part of our national energy portfolio?


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