Has Obama Won The War Against Lead?

leadThe Obama regime works very much like a prize fighter. It keeps pounding you from all sides simultaneously so that you don’t know where the next blow is going to come from. You can’t get your defenses together because you don’t know where to direct them. Actually, it is more like being attacked by a street gang. There are so many of them, raining blows from all sides, that they overwhelm you with their sheer number.

That has been the Obama strategy for advancing his far Leftist agenda since Day 1 of his takeover of the government. He uses attack at multiple points of weaknesses in a Blitzkrieg fashion. That is why speed is so important. That is why Nanny Botox Pelosi said it was important to pass the “health care” legislation quickly, “So that we would have a chance to see what is in it”, but after the fact. Speed is of the essence because you have to keep the public off guard. You have to strike quickly while they are distracted.

There is no secret that the Obama administration is anti-gun. Anti-gun, that is, for our citizenry. They are ultra-pro-gun when it comes to Homeland Security and other Federal agencies that he keeps putting in place to control the citizenry should they ever stop drinking the Kool Aid supplied by the Administration and the lame stream press.

Obama has used every tragedy involving guns since he took office to grandstand for more gun control, despite the fact that his controls would generally have either not had any effect on the commission of the crimes, or would have made matters worse. The fact that existing controls, such as “gun free zones” demonstrably contribute to these crimes is never brought out by the media, of course.

The American people are not completely asleep, however. Although they seem to have difficulty understanding how Obama’s proliferate spending is inexorably driving us to bankruptcy, bread lines, and civil unrest, they do seem to somehow have a visceral understanding that there is something wrong when the government wants to take your guns. States are reacting against the bullying that is coming from the Federal government by strengthening their pro-gun laws. With the exception of the Obama Zombies, who dote on his every word and consider him their savior, people are not falling for the Administration line.

Therefore, Obama has been very busy behind our backs. He is, as in other areas, misusing the vast Federal regulatory leviathan to do his will, circumventing our elected representatives. One area which has had zero coverage in the media is his war against lead, needed to make bullets, which he has just won. In keeping with his policy of destroying jobs and sending American industry overseas, the Obama EPA has just caused the shutdown of America’s last lead smelting plant owned by the Doe Run company in Missouri, by increasing its pollution standards by 1000%, which would have required the company to spend $100,000,000 to comply. The company had no choice but to close its doors, and put 145 workers on the street.

Smelting is the process by which raw ore is converted to lead. Before smelting, you have a bunch of useless rocks. What the loss of this plant means is that there is no longer any American source for lead. Let me say that again: there is no American source for lead. This means that all the lead used to make bullets must now be imported.

The price of bullets will skyrocket, and the shortages we have been seeing will become much worse. On top of that, like any import, Obama will have complete control of what lead comes into the country and where it goes. Your guns will be wall decorations without bullets. The Left has been working this angle for years, and the chickens have come home to roost.

If you wonder why all the buying up of ammo recently was taking place, in addition to Obama’s building his own army, all the Federal users of ammo obviously had the inside scoop that ammo would soon be difficult to come by, so they scarfed up the existing supply to stockpile for later use. It looks like in the future, finding ammo for your guns will be like trying to find hens’ teeth.

Obama and his comrades think they have done yet another end run around the Constitution and the American People. Are we going to let him get away with this?






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