Obamacare: No One Wants it, Not Even the Authors who Wrote it

hurtIf Obamacare is so wonderful for everyone, why don’t I feel better about it? Maybe it’s because Obama simply lied. He said we could keep our doctors and our medical plans if we like them. At the time he said it, I knew he was lying. I told everyone who would listen, including my fellow state employees that WE would not end up with the choice.

If our governor realized that the state could pay, let’s say (pretend numbers here for easy math) 10 million dollars a year for insurance or $10,000 a year in penalties, which would he do? As a fiscally responsible governor, he would owe it to the taxpayers to do what is best. We would then all lose our coverage and be required to go to whatever lame exchange program is set up. But no one would listen to me. Union reps said it would never happen.

Then UPS dropped spousal coverage, University of Virginia kicked spouses off employees insurance, colleges started cutting hours to avoid paying Obamacare. Many businesses have cut employees hours, kicked part-time employees off plans, even cut retiree’s coverage. Now, the unions are saying, “Hey, our folks may lose their coverage and they’ll be mad at us.” I have no problem saying, “I told you so.”

Or maybe I don’t feel good about it because of the way the whole thing was passed, with things like the Cornhusker Kickback. Or maybe it’s because it is so unfair in the way it is being implemented. Maybe it’s because of all the companies and business who have requested to be exempt from it. Maybe it’s because illegal aliens are exempt from it.

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Yes, “illegal” – because the Obamacare information states they are exempt because they are “not lawfully present.” What that really means is that they will still get whatever health care they need because we can’t be evil people and not treat the sick or hurt just because they’re illegal. What that really means it that they are exempt from the penalties the rest of us have to pay if we don’t buy insurance. Yeah, that’s fair. Or maybe because it’s such a wonderful program that Congress had to exempt themselves from it.

Maybe it’s because of the subsidies. What a bad idea. They will actually PREVENT people from wanting to improve their life circumstances and increase their incomes. We already know that many people live quite well on all the welfare, food stamps, free lunches, etc. that they now get. Subsidies will actually add to the dis-incentives to work because a family will lose more than they’ll gain by getting job or a raise.

The less money you make, the more the government pays of your insurance. If you get a better job and a hefty raise, you could lose all of that to having to pay for your own insurance because you lost your subsidy. Great, just what we need.

How can Obamacare be so good if illegal aliens don’t have to play the game, if hundreds of businesses are exempt, if union members and Congress are exempt and if it makes even more Americans less willing to work? Unfortunately, however, there’s no way the Senate will repeal it. They are completely gutless because they so worried about being called racist if they don’t support every single thing this president does. This thing will play out until all the bad things predicted will happen, but by then all the “I told you so’s” in the world won’t be able to bring this country back.


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