Obama’s Immigration Policy: FEDS Dump DOZENS of Illegal Migrants at TX Bus Station


This is the Obama Admin.’s immigration policy: enter our nation illegally and you’re given free travel to any destination in America. Oh, also expect more medical, food and education benefits than we give our own people.


Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents released a group of 40 women who illegally entered the United States from Central American countries at a bus station in south Texas. The influx of women and children illegally crossing the border from Mexico has been increasing steadily over the past year.

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The women from Central America were seen being dropped off Thursday night by ICE officials at the bus station in Laredo, Texas, KGNS reported. The women were released with their personal belongings and a promise to appear before an immigration judge at some point in the future.

“President Obama has rolled out the red carpet for illegal immigrants,” Border Patrol Agent Hector Garza told Breitbart Texas Thursday night. Garza spoke with Breitbart Texas in his role as president of the National Border Patrol Council Local 2455. “Most of the illegal immigrant families and unaccompanied children used to cross in the Rio Grande Valley. Now we are seeing massive numbers in the Laredo Sector as well.”

After being apprehended by Border Patrol agents, the women were processed by ICE officials and taken to the Laredo bus station with a promise to appear in court at a later time. The destination for the women being dropped at the bus station was not reported, but it is likely they will head to Houston or San Antonio before moving on to locations around the country.

In November 2016, a total of 3,195 illegal aliens were apprehended in the Laredo Sector. These included 244 Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) and 175 Family Unit Aliens (FMUA). FMUA’s are defined by CBP as a child under 18 years old, parent or legal guardian, apprehended with a family member.


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