OBAMA’S LAST EFFORTS: Tries to Secure His ‘Legacy’ and Limit Trump’s Admin

Men like Obama are dangerous. Did Bush do this when Obama was entering office? No, he didn’t. No matter what happens, we are glad to see this man go.

Barack Obama is set to ram through last-minute law changes to try and cement his legacy, according to reports.

‘Midnight regulations’ are those introduced between November’s election and January’s inauguration of a new president.

It is a last chance for an outgoing Commander-in-chief to put his stamp on the presidency and tie the hands of his successor.

Obama can pass the rules because of a loophole in US law allowing him to put last-minute regulations into the Code of Federal Regulations – rules that have the same force as law.

As many as 98 final regulations are reportedly under review at the White House and could be implemented before Donald Trump takes office.

Seventeen of those are considered ‘economically significant’, with an estimated economic impact of at least $100million a year, Politico reveals.

Obama is trying to push through regulations on issues close to him such as air pollution from the oil industry and measures aiming to help highly skilled immigrant workers obtain green cards.


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