‘Obvious breakdown in terms of parenting and structure in that house’: Relatives of Sandy Hook Victims Point Finger at Nancy Lanza

SANDYHOOKRelatives of three victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre have spoken out following the release this week of the long-awaited report into the shooting.

Released on Monday, the report provided a glimpse into the disturbed mind and sinister, blacked-out bedroom of Adam Lanza, as it is revealed he played an ominous computer game called ‘School Shooting’ and his mom Nancy had planned to buy him a gun for Christmas.

On Wednesday, the families of three of the victims: Bill Sherlach, whose wife Mary was the school psychologist; Nicole Hockley, the mother of Dylan; and Nelba Marquez-Greene, the mother of Ana Grace spoke about the report’s findings.

While asked by CBS News if they felt Nancy Lanza had to take a lot of responsibility for the environment that her son was living in in the months leading up to the massacre, Nicole Hockley was adamant that she did.

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‘It’s clear that he had mental illness and intervention was not made and there was not responsible gun ownership, either, because there was access to weapons and firearms,’ she said.

Sherlach said the report showed there had been an obvious breakdown ‘in terms of the parenting and the structure in that house.’

‘This was a young man who didn’t seem to have many connections,’ said Nelba Marquez-Greene, who also questioned where the other people in his life had been.

When asked about the six minutes that passed from the time the first officer arrived to when police entered the school, Marquez-Greene said she believe the officers had done everything they could.

Nicole Hockley also said she was disappointed that a judge has ordered that the 911 tapes from the shooting can be released.

‘I don’t feel that the actual audio tapes serve any public interest, necessarily,’ she said.

‘They don’t teach us anything new. The law enforcement officials have already learned everything there is to be learned from that. And I worry about our children and families listening to this in the future.’

Hockley also said that the report didn’t answer all her questions but that she didn’t believe they would ever get an answer as to what motivated Adam Lanza.

Marquez-Greene said it was important to her that lessons where learned from the terrible tragedy.

‘This young man who did this to our children, to our loved ones, the safety nets failed,’ she said.

‘So, how can we move forward in a way to increase the level of safety nets around the most fragile children and families who need us?

‘Because I think that’s the more important question than why. Because for me, there is no why that would justify why I can’t have Thanksgiving with my little girl tomorrow. There is no why for that.’

The long-awaited report into the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting investigation Monday revealed Lanza was obsessed with Columbine and other mass murders and drove by the Newtown, Connecticut school the day before his heartbreaking rampage. He also plotted his own death by watching videos of suicides and had taken pictures of himself holding a rifle and separately a handgun to his head.

The explosive 44-page report, released by the lead investigator State’s Attorney Stephen Sedensky III, offers a detailed look at the massacre that rocked the nation but no motive could be established.

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