WATCH: Off-Duty Police Officer Caught in Gun Fight While Holding His Young Child

One off duty cop grocery shopping with his wife found himself in a very deadly situation.

Two armed robbers barged into the store ready to steal and harm anyone who stood in their way. One robber, Jefferson Alves, pointed his gun at Sergeant Rafael Souza; whom at this point identified himself as a cop.

Sgt Souza had his child in his arm at this moment and he realized Alves intended to shoot him, so not waiting for a reaction he drew his gun and shot.

The officer was able to shoot one of the suspects at point blank range, before pursuing the other man.

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Souza’s wife was taking cover behind the shelves and you can see in the video her crying and reach for her baby. He was able to hand off the child safely to his wife by the end of the clip.

Both suspects were shot and killed. This event took place in Campo Limpo Paulista in Brazil.

h/t Daily Mail


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