OH MY GOSH! You Won’t Believe Who Just Sided with Trump’s Muslim Comments

Screen Shot TrumpIs this real?

Following the Paris terror attacks, more than half the nation’s governors voiced opposition to Syrian refugees entering their state. Donald Trump took this a step further, calling for the complete shutdown of Muslims entering the U.S.

And those who are unaware that Islam isn’t a race were quick to denounce Trump’s comments as racist. Surprisingly, Trump found an unexpected ally: Nidal Alsayyed, an Imam who leads a mosque in Beaumont, Texas.

As Breitbart reports, Alsayyed, the Imam from east Texas told his local television station, “I certainly see it to be wise [to] stop temporarily accepting any new Muslim immigrants [refugees and non-refugees] into the United States.”

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The Texas Imam said, “It does not matter whether Trump said it or anyone else … American Muslims need to say we are with this country.” He also said they should raise the American flag in support of the nation. He continued, “We American Muslims need to be sincere in our religion and to the country we are living in. Peace comes before religion. We need to be truthful and transparent when we express a viewpoint or feedback. It does not matter whether Trump said it or anyone else,” he said.

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