‘OH SH** THAT WAS JACOB!’: Watch Horrifying Moment Cop Shoots Undercover Colleague in Drug Bust Op

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 11.17.58 AMThis is an earth shattering video. Can’t imagine the pain both those officers are going through.

This is the moment that a police detective was shot nine times by his own lieutenant.

The pair were on an undercover drug operation in Albuquerque when Greg Brachle repeatedly fired at Jacob Grant despite the detective crawling away and begging him to stop.

The city has since released the footage from Brachle’s lapel camera video which filmed the disastrous episode in a MacDonald’s car park.

The lieutenant can be seen getting out of his car and yelling, ‘Hands up!’ before running to a black car. ‘Put your hands where I can see them,’ he cries as several men stand with guns at the other side of the vehicle.

In the car there are four people – the two suspects Edmond Vester and Damien Bailey as well as Grant and a colleague.

Grant is sitting in the rear driver’s side seat behind the other undercover narcotics detective. The two suspects are on the passenger side.

The bust team were supposed to approach from this side to avoid a cross fire situation, but Brachle violated protocol by advancing from the driver’s side.

The suspects were in the process of surrendering and had opened their doors to exit the vehicle but Brachle swiftly opens Grant’s door and fires two shots with his handgun at a distance of less than 5ft.

He then repositions himself and shoots seven more times despite Grant being white and the two suspects being black – a fact Brachle would have heard on his radio.

Moreover he and Grant had worked together for two years before the incident.


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