OLD TESTAMENT PLAGUE: Islamic State Could be Wiped Out by Breakout of Deadly Flesh Eating Disease

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This is some old testament stuff right here, folks.

Islamic State fighters are falling ill in their droves to a deadly flesh-eating virus.

Known as Leishmaniasis, the disease is spreading at a fast thanks to pollution and poor hygiene conditions and there have been more than 100,000 cases reported, the Sun has reported.

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It causes large open wounds which eat away at flesh, is fatal if not treated with a simple course of medicine.

But the jihadi fighters are refusing medical treatment which has led to more outbreaks.

People in the Islamic State’s capital Raqqa, in war-torn Syria, are at the highest risk.

Doctors from non-government organisation (NGO) Medecins Sans Frontieres were initially trying to curb the outbreaks but have now left since Islamic State set up.

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