VIRAL VIDEO: Leftist Chick Loses Her MIND When She Sees Trump Sign — CRAZY

Get ready to put in some ear plugs.

If you wanted to know what a screeching liberal looked like, here is a literal example.

…and OMG is it bad!

This video is going viral on social media and for good reason.

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It shows a female college student going bananas over a dual sided Trump sign a man was holding.

One side reads: “Trump. Borders, Law, Jobs, Liberty. USA.” The other side of the sign, as can be seen in the video, reads: “Jesus Judges you. Repent or Perish.” Each sign is accompanied by verses from the Bible.

She shows her extreme objection to the sign by not only screeching at the top of her lungs, but also grabbing things out of her purse and slamming them on the ground.

Puts the meaning ‘self-destructive’ in to perspective doesn’t it?

Two women come up to her while she is screaming and ask if she is ok — good for them checking on what seemed to be a distressed person — to which she replied very calmly she was.

By the end of the video you can conclude she is a) NUTS and b) part of the ‘safe space’ era.

God help any man, woman or whatever gender she chooses to partner up with.


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