ON THE HUNT: ISIS Terrorist Suspected to be Hiding out in Migrant Camp

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 10.10.16 AMHe is headed to Britain, ready to attack.

A SYRIAN man suspected of being an Islamic State terrorist plotting attacks in Britain is currently in hiding in the Calais migrant camp, it has been claimed.

French authorities have launched a manhunt for the suspect, who they believe poses a threat to national security, according to reports in French media.

The unnamed man has been listed as a Subcategory S suspect, which means he is considered a potential risk to the state.

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French security bosses have his photograph, description, what he is wanted for and what to do if he is discovered.

The category is also used to describe thousands of wanted criminals and runaway prisoners.

French police have been ordered to arrest him if they see him.

He may have joined the Calais migrants sleeping rough in The Jungle II migrant camp, according to local media.

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