ON THE TAXPAYER’S DIME: EPA Official Spent $70K a Weekend on This

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 10.03.06 AMEPA has got to go.

An Environmental Protection Agency official working in San Francisco flew home to Orange County southern California almost every weekend over a three-year period at the taxpayer’s expense costing almost $70,000.

The un-named official worked in the EPA’s San Francisco office. An audit into travel claims found that 51 out of 88 travel claims made by the official between January 2007 to 2009 were not work related.

Auditors said the official was flying from the office to his home residence in Southern California more than 400 miles away.

According to the Office of the Inspector General, reported in the Free Beacon: ‘The former Region 9 Administrator made excessive trips to Southern California and claimed ineligible travel costs.He made 88 trips in total from October 2006 through January 2009. For 51 of the 88 trips (58 percent), the former Region 9 Administrator traveled to Orange County/Los Angeles County (OC/LA), California, near the former Region 9 Administrator’s residence, at a cost of approximately $69,000.’

‘Our analysis noted that the former Region 9 Administrator traveled to the OC/LA area almost every weekend. Most of the time, his flight departed from Oakland International Airport (OAK) to John Wayne Airport (JWA), located approximately 11 miles from his Aliso Viejo residence.’

The official also charged mileage when he was at home and charged the EPA for meals.

The probe questioned whether a junior employee would be able to adequately monitor their superior’s travel claims.

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