ONCE A HERO… Double Amputee Marine Saves Baby from Terrible Car Crash

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Every citizen should react with the same resolve and bravery as this Marine did.

Once a Marine, always a Marine.

Just ask Matias Ferreira, who, despite already losing both legs to an improvised explosive device in Afghanistan, risked his health and safety Wednesday to save a baby from a smoking car in Queens.

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Ferreira, who is getting married Friday, could have easily ignored the crash and gone home to Wantagh, L.I., to his bride-to-be and packed for their Aruba honeymoon.

But duty — and a frantic mother trapped in the driver’s seat — called.

“My baby! My baby!,” the desperate driver cried after her car plowed into a median pole on Cross Bay Blvd. in Howard Beach.

Ferreira, 26, thought of his own 11-month-old daughter. He jumped out of the pickup truck he was driving and sprinted on his prosthetic legs into action with his brother and future father-in-law in tow.

“With the Marines, you are taught to be prepared and act,” said Ferreira, who was leaving his wedding rehearsal at St. Mary Gate of Heaven Parish, when he heard the crash behind him.

“Instinctively you just react, you don’t freeze, and thankfully we were able to make a difference.”

While his fianceé’s dad and his brother got the mother and father out of the smoking car, Ferreira tore off a headrest, squeezed into the backseat and freed the baby from her car seat.

“We didn’t know if the car was on fire or anything else,” Ferreira said. “We knew we had to get them to safety.”

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