ONLY IN FLORIDA: Lawyer Disbarred After Rampant Drug Use and Caught Having Sex with…

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 9.56.14 AMYour life might be on a downward spiral if you start doing the stuff this lawyer was doing. Why is it always Florida that has crazy people like this?

A Florida lawyer has been disbarred after admitting to inappropriate sexual relationships with men behind bars and a history of drug use.

Linda Hadad, 42, a former public defender in Volusia County who became a criminal defense attorney, at one point even spoke with an inmate who she was both representing and having a sexual relationship with about injecting meth.

The inmate, Steven Sullivan, said the drug would make the two have better sex.

The Florida Bar said in a statement; ‘Hadad engaged in a pattern of misconduct that included illegal drug use and sexual relationships with clients.

‘She had inappropriate intimate relationships with inmates at the Volusia County jail while she represented them, and engaged in inappropriate phone calls, which were routinely recorded by the jail.’  

In a lengthy deposition Hadad admitting to using crack, cocaine, meth, acid, marijuana, Xanax, Adderall, and oxycodone, among other drugs.

Hadad said she had tried meth three times and as recently as one year ago, crack 10 times and most recently a little over a year ago, cocaine 10 times, ecstasy 20 times and acid once.

She admitted as well that on one occasion she rented a car for a drug dealer who repaid her with drugs.


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