Ooo-la-la: Photographer Documents “The Modern-Day Diana”

MDDWhen New York native Margaret LeJeune took a teaching position in rural Arkansas, she experienced the expected culture clash. Margaret set out to understand her new environment and tasked her students with a photography project.

What ended up happening was that the college students would take pictures of their hunting trips or scenes of their families clad in camouflage. Far away from where she had grown up in upstate New York, Margaret found herself fascinated by these photographs.

Her students inspired her to set out on a project that would lead her all over the country and into the homes of everyday huntresses.

“I thought if I could make a series of work exploring hunting culture I could get to know my students a little better,” Margaret said in a phone interview.

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What resulted was a series of breathtaking photographs that set the modern day huntress not on the field, but rather the interior of their own domestic space. Margaret called the award-winning series “The Modern-Day Diana.”

“I wanted to photograph women in their homes, their domestic environments,” Margaret said. “I was interested in the way that they were using their sporting passion to shape their homes and how it influenced their space.”



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