Oopsies: Philadelphia police still trying to locate department’s missing guns

crThe Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey recently revealed that they are still working to find a dozen guns that the department is missing.

“Right now, we have 12 guns that we still need to locate,” Ramsey explained. “But we have more than 100 officers that we’ve not yet checked with.”

And although the firearms aren’t currently accounted for, Ramsey also said, “It’s too soon to say we can’t locate [the firearms]. We have some officers who are out on IOD [injured on duty] status, and others that are detailed to other units.”

“We also have retired officers that we need to check with, to see whether they might have purchased their weapons when they retired,” he said.

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This information comes less than four months after it was discovered during a routine audit that thedepartment was missing one of its 1,356 Vietnam-era Colt M-16 rifles from the weapons vault. The vault, which is located at the department’s training academy, has a numerical keypad lock on the door, to which only a “couple of people” have access.

Although Ramsey admitted that they weren’t even entirely sure that the rifle, which was one of almost 1,400 weapons the military gave to the department in August of 2009, was missing.



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