O’Reilly and Kristen Powers Go Head-to-Head On Chicago Gun Violence

opIn the midst of today’s hearings on guns, there was a report in the New York Times earlier today that despite Chicago’s strict gun laws, there remains a staggering amount of gun violence in the city. O’Reilly and Republican Kate Obenshain touted the report tonight as evidence for why gun control doesn’t work, with Democrat Kirsten Powers pushing back on their argument.

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O’Reilly first dismissed the day’s proceedings on Capitol Hill as mostly “blather” before highlighting the Times report on Chicago’s gun violence. He found it remarkable that the paper would actually “go against their editorial policy” in its front-page report. Powers clarified that the reporting side of the Times is separate from the editorial side, to which O’Reilly shot back that in general there is “no deviation” between the two.

Powers did credit the Times for its reporting, remarking how Chicago gun crime is “not discussed enough” in the national conversation on gun control. However, she was quick to point out that criminals can simply cross city lines to an area with less strict gun laws, purchase guns, and bring…

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