OUCH! Look What Happens to Fighter Who REFUSES to TAP-OUT [WATCH]

When you’re in a fight, that doesn’t involve your life possibly ending, if you have the chance to tap out… freaking do it!

This is not the case of some pro-fighter looking to defend their title and leaving a badass legacy behind.

That would be one thing, but clearly this is not what we are dealing with here.

The dude could have used some lessons in humility and given his opponent those three taps.

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Instead he let this happen…


GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING: Absolutely brutal submission. Not for the faint of heart. @ethancrelinsten

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If the fighter knew he was caught in the kimora and wasn’t able to go anywhere he should have submitted.

End of story.

Now his arm injury will take MONTHS to heal and will probably have a long history of joint issues.

All because he was too stubborn to tap.

It really is sad.

People when it comes to fighting — in competitions — its better to tap out than to snap out.



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