Our Teflon President and The Dark Days of the Republic

dark sideMany of us have long believed that the average citizens of the United States who support the suicidal progressive agenda were simply uneducated pawns being manipulated by elitists. It is clear now that this is not the case. It has been confirmed for the entire nation that even the lowly government worker is not just some useful idiot, but a fully initiated conspirator seeking to destroy the already crumbling republic.

While the president may claim plausible deniability, even the nature of his rhetoric has endorsed disregard for traditional values and replaced them with coercive, Chicago-style gangster politics. For the Devil to suddenly be shocked that his minions are evil makes little sense to anyone…except progressives that is.

Is the republic so far gone that Obama voters will still drool when the president speaks about justice and equality? I think so. The citadel of men’s souls has been found unguarded by the trusty sentinels which keep watch over the minds of men favored by heaven. A cancerous segment of the nation no longer finds comfort and joy in the virtues of truth, justice, and liberty. They are soulless henchmen taking cues from a leader that despises every principle this nation was founded upon.

Scandal after scandal seems to slide off of our teflon president. If it had not been for the mainstream media being slapped back into reality, much of the nation might still be oblivious to the tyrannical tactics of this administration. The question on every conservative’s mind is, how will the nation respond? Even if challenged on principle, there is no guarantee that Americans who enjoy the empty promises of a nanny state will be motivated to reject their base desires and follow the light of truth.

A few days ago, I was on a train leaving Chicago and ironically, I heard a middle aged man bragging loudly about how he had been offered several jobs, but to quote him, “they could not pay him enough to come off of disability.” He was raking in a hefty sum from the government while apparently being fully capable of taking a paying job. Instead of working for a living, he offered free guitar lessons to whomever wanted them and traveled around with rock bands who could have afforded to pay him handsomely.

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He is living the good life on the dime of hardworking Americans. He testified to the fact that the people at the social security office had been so helpful in getting him as much money as possible. I sat there thinking how embarrassed I would have been to be saying the same things. How I could ever muster up pride in stealing from Americans because I couldn’t be bothered to work? We are now discovering that average Americans are completely corrupted, not simply ignorant.

Even some conservatives will tell you that things are not this bad, but when those of us who would speak out find ourselves harassed by the government and the only justice offered is an apology and the firing of one scapegoat that was two months from retirement, we must ask, when is enough enough? Is it now, after the president has reaffirmed his support for a former secretary of state that refused to answer the infamous 3 am call leaving four Americans to die?

Is it after the president asserted that he had complete faith in an attorney general with the blood of immigration and customs officer Jamie Zapata on his hands and who also presided over a gross violation of the first amendment by stealing Associated Press emails? Do we really expect the Amtrak guitar hero to vote for liberty and truth when his social security might be at risk?

In my soul there has been a wailing and a gnashing of teeth. While we focus on the president, he is only the latest symptom of the cancer that is sweeping the nation. It is festering with greed, falsehoods, and entitlements, and it grows larger day by day. I would love to tell you that it is morning in America, but truly, these are the dark days of the republic.


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