OUTRAGE: Black Thugs Who Attacked White Trump Supporter Are Charged With This

btth2If the roles had been reversed, the white guy would be locked up and the key would be thrown away. But there is no such thing as racism against whites. So these thugs get one charge. Guess which one. Here’s a hint, it’s not assault.


The day after the election a video of a mob of black thugs beating up a white man in Chicago while yelling that’s what he gets for voting for Trump went viral. After assaulting the man, the thugs stole his car. The Chicago Tribune reports that police eventually did make arrests in the case.

26-year-old Julian Christian, 20-year-old Dejuan Collins, 21-year-old Rajane Lewis and a 17-year-old juvenile female were arrested for the November 9th assault. But get this: they have all only been charges with one count each of vehicular hijacking. No assault charges and no hate crime charges.

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David Wilcox, the 49-year-old victim, says he was attempting to make a left turn, when a black sedan sideswiped his Pontiac Bonneville.

“I stopped and parked. And I asked if they had insurance, and the next thing that I knew they were beating the s— out of me,” Wilcox said.

As Wilcox was punched and kicked, his attackers and cheering bystanders were yelling things like “don’t vote Trump” and “that’s what you get for voting for Trump.” Consider that the attackers were black, the victim white, and the invoking of Trump’s name, it’s very clear that this was a racially motivated attack.

I checked and Illinois does have a hate crime law:

Illinois Statute defines hate crimes as those in which someone assaults, batters or commits aggravated assault against another because of his or her “race, color, creed, religion, ancestry, gender, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, or national origin of another individual or group…” Even if the harassment is through electronic communication, such as the phone and/or Internet, it is still considered a crime. It does not matter whether the bias is actual or perceived, either.

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