Pajama Boy: The War on Manly Courage

pajamaBoy-e13874871215341While we are all having a good laugh at “Pajama Boy” and the Obama administration’s failed attempt to woo America’s youth into indentured servitude to fund the Obamacare debacle, a cultural issue has also been brought to light.

This is not about Pajama Boy’s low T problem, but rather the war on manly courage in our culture today. Manly courage has little to do with hunting and collecting guns, but as Alexis de Tocqueville described it in “Democracy in America”, it is about the masculine independence of opinion:

“In that immense crowd which throngs the avenues to power in the United States I found very few men who displayed any of that manly candor and that masculine independence of opinion which frequently distinguished the Americans in former times, and which constitutes the leading feature in distinguished characters, wheresoever they may be found.”

The short-lived Phil Robertson drama is a demonstration of how the left abhors independence of opinion. Anyone disagreeing with the president is a racist. Anyone discussing the principles of the Bible, is spouting hate speech. By insisting that offending others is a violation of some unwritten moral law, organizations like GLAAD can scream bloody murder when anyone expresses an opinion that contradicts their agenda.

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What they don’t say is that this moral code only protects groups they find acceptable. It does not protect those like Phil Robertson with a masculine independence of opinion from being called a racist or a bigot. It does not protect proud pro-life conservative women like Sarah Palin, or gun toting women like our Regis Giles. It does not protect black conservatives like Allen West or Ben Carson. It does not protect anyone that goes against the liberal agenda, which is why labeling themselves as “liberals” is such a farce. The only thing liberal about liberalism is the amount of power they hold to dominate the media and abuse those who disagree.

Manly courage has been on the decline for some time in this nation and it is by design. When the liberal machine decides on the future for Americans, they don’t want anyone standing against it. They are not interested in hearing about men of manly courage and responsibility like the American Founders. Liberals are interested in conformity. Tocqueville saw this approaching in the 1830s and he described it as soft despotism. While Americans still have their right to vote, they do not have a right to their opinions without suffering terrible consequences.

All over social media, amongst the shouts for supporting Robertson, there were plenty of conservatives arguing that this had nothing to do with First Amendment rights. This is technically true. A&E had a right to remove Robertson from Duck Dynasty, however Americans had a right to voice their opinion on how stupid it was. At every opportunity, leftists must be shown how stupid their ideas truly are since arguing that they are actually bad ideas hasn’t worked.

GLAAD’s current stupid move is attempting to round up blacks into their movement in order to validate it. It is my sincere hope that none of them step up and allow themselves to be used as puppets for the LGBT agenda.

Perhaps this energy would be better served questioning Obamacare’s ads targeting gays with nearly naked buff guys. GLAAD should have been more upset about the government assuming gays would be responsive to being treated as sex objects. However, I am sure you won’t hear a peep.


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