A PARENT’S NIGHTMARE: Daycare Worker Caught on Camera Abusing Child

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This woman would have several broken bones if I saw her doing this to my kid.

A 48-year-old Florida daycare worker has been arrested after being caught kicking a child on a security camera.

Linda K. Klemm, a mother-of-four from Tarpon Springs, has been charged with child abuse after the footage captured her attacking a 16-month-old girl who was sleeping on the floor.

The incident occurred at the Kids Stop-N-Play day care in Holiday.

The victim’s mother, Crystal Faggione, 24, said she noticed red marks all over her daughter, Lillian, including one underneath her eye, three on her forehead, and a red, bald patch created when the worker kicked her daughter in the head, according to The Tampa Bay Times.

They noticed the marks on Saturday, which was Lillian’s third day at the center.

Faggione called Stop-N-Play and explained what she’ had found, but a worker said if there bruises, they did not come from the center.

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