Parents of Dallas Cop Killer–‘We HATE What He Did’ [WATCH]

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 10.05.05 AMAfter being removed from the army for being a pervert and sexually harassing female soldiers, his parents say he was ‘disappointed’ with the experience and wanted to be a cop. Watch the full interview.

The parents of Micah Johnson have broken their silence in an emotional interview just days after their son opened fire on police in Dallas, killing five officers and injuring nine others, including two civilians.

‘I don’t know what to say to anybody to make anything better. I didn’t see it coming,’ said Micah’s father James Johnson in an interview with The Blaze.

‘I love my son with all my heart. I hate what he did.’

James was joined by his wife Donna and his ex-wife, Micah’s mother Delphine, who revealed that her son grew up wanting to be a police officer.

‘He loved his country. He wanted to protect his country,’ said Delphine.

Law enforcement officials now believe that Micah had been planning an even larger attack and are searching his phone and laptop to learn more about this – and see if he had been working with any other individuals.

Delphine went on to reveal that something changed after her son enlisted in the military.

‘The military was not what Micah thought it would be,’ explained Delphine.

‘He was very disappointed, very disappointed. But it may be that the ideal that he thought of our government, what he thought the military represented, it just didn’t live up to his expectations.’

She also said that her son began to behave like a ‘hermit’ after returning from his service.

Micah, 25, was honorably discharged in 2014 while serving as a private first class in the U.S. Army Reserve in Afghanistan after allegations of sexual harassment.

Female solider  Anna Ma, 25, accused Micah of sexual harassment, according to a military lawyer who represented Micah when he returned home in June 2014.

Dallas-based attorney Bradford Glendening said that his client made ‘unwanted sexual advances towards [Anna].’

He then added: ‘It was all verbal. He was bothering and harassing her.’

Micah waived his right to a military court hearing in the wake of the allegations, and despite the claims against him he was still able to leave with an honorable discharge.

‘Someone really screwed up – but to my client’s benefit,’ said Glendening.

According to legal documents, Anna begged for a ‘protective order against [Micah] pertaining to myself, my family home and any other place of residence I may reside at’.

Wells Newsome, who served alongside Micah in Afghanistan, wrote on Facebook last week shortly after the Dallas attack: ‘We all knew he was a pervert cuz [sic] he got caught stealing girls’ panties, but murdering cops is a different story.’


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