Paris on Lockdown After 52 ‘Large and Potentially Very Aggressive’ Baboons Escape from Zoo

In a breaking report coming out of Paris, France, 52 ‘large and potentially very aggressive baboons’ escaped from their enclosures in the city’s largest zoo.

The park went on lockdown in an effort to recapture the beasts. All primates were seen running through the Vincennes woods, just after midday.

‘It’s not known how they got out, but everything is being done to try and get them under control,’ said a source at the Zoological Park.

‘The whole area has been shut down, with only trained professionals involved in the security operation.

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‘They include three operatives with rifles who will be able to stun the animals if necessary. Many police and vets are also in attendance. Baboons are large and potentially very aggressive.’

According to the Daily Mail, 48 of the baboons have already been captured and 4 remain:

Baboons are not naturally a danger, but can attack humans and cause serious injuries if they feel they are being threatened.

The public had been warned the evacuation was necessary because the animals can be unpredictable when stressed.

‘They are stronger than us,’ officials warned.

According to one official, the last four won’t be hard to capture, since the dominant males have already returned to the zoo.

They doubt the monkeys would have left the park area, 36 acres, and believe they are probably in nearby play areas or other recreational facilities.

‘They are almost certainly all in the park woods, but anybody in the area needs to keep a look out,’ they added.

Nearby roads have been closed down, with checkpoints being set up using police patrol cars.

The alarm was raised late this morning when a vet noticed a baboon in a service corridor.

An emergency plan was immediately triggered just after noon to make sure the monkeys did not come into direct contact with visitors, who included many young children.

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