PARISIAN NURSE TRIED CPR ON SUICIDE BOMBER: When He Realized the Man was a Terrorist He did This [WATCH]

Screen Shot 2015-11-21 at 10.00.48 AMHis mistake might have very well saved more lives.

Incredible footage has emerged from the Paris attacks showing the moment a Parisian nurse tried to save the life of a man who was badly injured in the cafe attack only to realise that he was the suicide bomber.

The nurse, who called himself David, said he instinctively sought to help the wounded in the chaos of the explosion at the Comptoir Voltaire cafe.

David, who works at a hospital in Paris, tried to save the bomber Brahim Abdeslam, who can be seen in the video lying unconscious amid the overturned chairs.

‘(Later), I was thinking about how I lay him on the floor, with me doing CPR. It’s a pretty vigourous process. By just doing that, I also could have been gone,’ he said.

‘The first wire I saw was red. I think that was the detonator. There was something at the end,’ David said.

Just after he realised the person he was trying to save had just tried to kill him, the fire services arrived, David said.

Among them was a fireman he knew. He told him what he had just seen.

‘He looked at me and started shouting for everyone to evacuate,’ said David.

The terror alert comes as authorities across Europe try to determine how a network of primarily French and Belgian attackers carried out the deadly attacks in Paris.

Brussels was home to the suspected organizer of the November 13 Paris attacks, Abdelhamid Abaaoud, who was killed in a dramatic police shootout at a flat in the suburb of Paris during a police raid on Wednesday morning.

He died alongside Hasna Ait Boulahcen, 26 – she was originally thought to have blown herself up in the Saint Denis gun siege, but was actually killed when another member of the Islamic cell let off a bomb, according to a source within the French police.

But a police source has now revealed she is believed to have died because another member of her terrorist cell let off a bomb as armed officers attempted to storm the third floor property.

Security officers continue to hunt for the suspected eight gunman, Saleh Abdeslam, 26 – it was his brother Brahim, that nurse David was trying to save.

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