Parkland Survivor Rebukes Activists for Using Sister’s Death to Push Gun Control — Leftists Attack Him

On Saturday during the #MarchforourLives gun control protest, a student survivor of the Parkland high school massacre declared the movement to stop using his sister, who was killed in the shooting, in their push for gun control stating she “WOULD NOT” support it.

Patrick Petty, member of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School’s ROTC program, tweeted on Saturday his sister’s name, Alaina Petty, should not be used by the prominent activist Emma Gonzalez because it contradicted her beliefs.

“Hey @Emma4Change please stop using my sister’s name to push your agenda, she DID NOT and WOULD NOT support it,” wrote Petty.

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The Daily Wire reports, “As a recent USA Today poll shows, less than half of high school students support the kinds of gun control measures being promoted by the Parkland student-led gun control campaign, but most of the student pushback to the campaign is either downplayed or downright ignored by many outlets.”

Twitter exploded to this post. Many CONDEMNED him for even making such a request:

Others thanked Petty for speaking out and encouraged more families to do the same:

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