‘A Part Of Me Wishes I Killed Them’: Two Home Invaders Tie Up Man, Victim Arms Himself And Starts Firing Away

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Luckily this homeowner was able to reach his gun before they did any harm to his family or him.

A Katy homeowner pulled out a gun and started shooting to defend his home from two burglars, and he’s talking to ABC-13 about it.

According to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, three armed men stormed into the home on Roaring Oaks near State Crossing at about 1pm Thursday.

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The homeowner spoke to Eyewitness News and says he lives in the home with five friends. He was there along with a roommate’s son. As he worked on his computer he says two of the masked, armed men burst through the door and tied up his wrists and ankles.

“I looked up once 15 minutes into it and the guy said if you look up again we’ll kill you,” the victim said.

He was able to scoot to the gun safe and get his gun when they left the room for a few minutes.

“I had the gun and pointed it at the door and the door opened. I unloaded on them,” he said.

Officials say the victim hit two of them before they fled.

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