The Path to Freedom: Gitmo Detainees to be Released for Taking Up Yoga?

Editor’s Note: It is admirable to want to see the best in a person. However, if that person is a prisoner, proven to be a danger to others’ lives, then perhaps they should not be given the benefit of the doubt. Maybe the lives of innocents are more important than some political move to empty an internationally infamous prison.

A Gitmo detainee may walk free … for taking up yoga? That’s according to The New York Post, which reported that President Obama is giving out “get out of jail free” cards in an attempt to empty Guantanamo Bay. Another detainee reportedly may be freed for his positive attitude.

The Obama administration has faced scrutiny over the release of five Taliban leaders from Gitmo for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl’s freedom.

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Today on The Five, Greg Gutfeld reacted to the NY Post report in his monologue. “Here’s a man who treats foreign policy like its open mic night at the Funny Bone,” Gutfeld said of President Obama.

He continued, “The fact is your average mom would make a better leader. She definitely wouldn’t buy this yoga crock, since her job is to warn daughters of smooth talkers who spew such sweet deception. But this is the president who thinks climate change is a bigger threat than releasing terrorists like butterflies.”

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